Software Projects

Open Source

I have developed and maintain a few personal projects, including:

  • mute: run other programs while muting the output under configured conditions
  • navdoon: simple yet powerful statsd server
  • miniauth: small, extensible local user authentication command line tool
  • statsd-metrics: statsd metrics Python data models and statsd client library
  • fishion: sessions for fish shell

I am a contributor to a few projects, including:

Package Verification

I use my PGP key to sign checksums of software packages.

To verify a downloaded software package, you can:

  1. download the package and the checksum file to the same directory
  2. verify if the checksum file is signed by my PGP key
$ gpg --verify CHECKSUM_FILE
# confirm the checksum file is signed by my key
  1. check if the downloaded file's hash matches the expected value in the checksum file
$ sha256 --check CHECKSUM_FILE